2022 Polaris Pro RMK850 Virtual image (#s 101-200)

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This product is a virtual Image of the giveaway item with your pick of number 1 out of 200 spots. the purchase of each virtual image is worth 1000 entries towards winning this

2022 Polaris Pro RMK 850 matryx chassis 155track 2.75 electric start/pull

this sled is used with approximately 1700 miles on the odometer 

polaris factory waranty until Jan 2025 (with the ability to purchase 2 more years from the dealership)

rebuilt top end april 2023 by fivestarmotorsports @ 800 miles 

rmr rebuilt walker evans with raptor springs(march2024)

 Ibexx Polaris 850 Stage 2 Clutch Kit

munster cfr handlebars with 1.25" risers 

munster finger throttle 

ggb quiet can 

all stock parts come with the sled aswell  

holographic chrome alligator wrap by M7 designs 

, when all 200 images are sold the winner will be drawn on instagram live in a random number generator, make sure you pick your lucky number!. if all 200 images are not sold by aug 1st , the giveaway will end and a winner will be drawn then. 

in exchange for this purchase you will also receive your own copy of this image to your email


give away rules below 


once products "virtual image 1-100 and 101-200 are sold out we will end the giveaway and draw a winner.  

the winner will be required to answer A SKILL TESTING QUESTION 

winner must be in Canada 

winner must pay for transfer tax and registration 

winner is responsible for pick up of 2022 polaris pro rmk 

between June 14th and August first if the giveaway has not ended due virtual sweepstakes sell out, participants can enter for free in a email link provided in a link on "virtual image" product description. a virtual image is worth 1000 entries. 

along with 1 entry for every dollar spent on products on ridefastcrew.com this does not include shipping or taxes. IE a Hat is $45 that is 45 entries.  

if an entrant is under the age of 18 years a parent or legal guardian must be in attendance at the time of pick and any discussion in regard to the giveaway.

 free entry link 

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